Don’t understand the shared service center? Check out this information   
Don’t understand the shared service center? Check out this information  

Don’t understand the shared service center? Check out this information: GTEKNO

Often abbreviated as Shared Service Center or SSC, it is a service that divides or shares tasks from both company-owned resources and technology to overcome limitations. It is said that such a service is a service service that is shared with other companies’ lines so as not to feel that you have to spend extra money to have your own service line.

It can be said that such a service is an essential service that a company must own if it wants to optimize its performance. In fact, the government itself has introduced such a system for state-owned enterprises to ensure that they can make the most of them without incurring expensive maintenance costs.

For ordinary people, it is not easy to know the service, so there may be many people who do not know the meaning of such a service very well and know for sure.

A brief description of shared services center services

If shared services or SSC are the kind of services that can improve the optimization of a company, there are many rumors that knowledge is needed to know more about what SSC is. Because there are a lot of problems, especially for companies. Being able to implement such a service in-house will, of course, benefit the company and make it more optimal.

In short, a shared service center is a department of service services or tasks that we want to be able to overcome resource limitations. Because using this concept puts a strain on the company that has to do so in order to be able to pursue its goals by spending minimal costs. This is because you can already do it through SSC, so you don’t have to spend money to buy technology or other support equipment.

By using this concept, you can actually improve the reliability of your company’s services, with the sole goal of minimizing expenses in your company’s business areas. Because the organizers and agents of the shared service always provide supervision over the course of the service provided by the leadership of many professionals in the field.

Therefore, we can conclude that this SSC is a unit or agent of the company that provides a service service that can divide the usage so that it can be used by all parts of the company’s entity.

Key benefits of using shared services centers

By realizing the benefits and benefits that can be gained through the concept of services, some entities also choose to implement or implement this concept. Some examples of these are soes like Telkom Group and PT Pertamina, one of Indonesia’s biggest competitors implementing shared service centers. Of course, they are aware of some of the benefits of using this shared service.

One of the benefits of using the shared services concept is that it is a way to reduce the costs that must be incurred because you can continue to optimize your company’s performance by spending relatively efficient costs. By using this service, you can undoubtedly improve the management of your business operations in your enterprise. As a result, the company does not have to allocate a relatively large investment to devices alone.

Increased enterprise credibility certainly feels like an added value if you implement the use of shared services. Feeling these benefits is of course very beneficial to the company, as the focus will ultimately be on optimizing customer satisfaction.

Another benefit is that it can be used as decision support. Using a shared service generates data that is sent and analyzed, so you know that it is reliable data and ready to run.

A simple example of implementing a shared service center

There are probably a lot of you who don’t know for sure what an SSC is so far. This is natural because most people who understand this term are those who work in the field of the company, especially in the development of the company. To be able to understand the concept of such a service, you need a real-world example to be able to write a service.

Take a simple diagram that you can explain to implement this concept. One of them is a post office-like company that has started implementing shared services. The company uses these services to enable the development and management of human resources, accounting, and asset functions.

Before using this service, each post office certainly uses the assistive function system of each department. For example, the Ministry of Finance, the Human Resources Department, and so on. However, since we are implementing this concept of service, each post office does not have to have these departments, because it can be distributed based on a specific region in order to provide the same service to open branches of multiple post offices.

Therefore, all post offices do not need a support department like the above, which can reduce operating costs and reduce the number of employees. The cost of employee reduction can be assigned to business areas, such as the delivery of goods or the cancellation of goods. This will allow the company to operate more optimally and effectively without incurring more costs.

Barriers to Implementing a Shared Service Center in Enterprise

While it is generally known that such services will certainly bring great benefits and optimizations to companies, unfortunately there are still many companies that have not been able to implement or implement a shared service center due to some obstacles and challenges.

For a company, if they want to implement services like the above, one of the biggest obstacles is, of course, that changes and restructuring of management structures must be inevitable. In addition, the company must be able to estimate how its work management and human resources fit into the goals in order to achieve the company’s goals.

Therefore, in order for companies to focus more on the determinants of their success when using or implementing the Services, companies need to develop sufficient resources and infrastructure. The solution to address this is to hold a meeting with senior management to try to communicate this implementation in order to implement the change effectively.

It can be concluded that the implementation of these services is one of the solutions to maximize operations while improving business quality in this digital age. As a result, by applying this concept, you can optimize your company with as little expenditure and costing as possible, so that your company can work more effectively.

In order to reap sustainable profits in the long term, especially for the company, of course, you need to think of strategies to optimize your work at the company in order to get a fixed profit. The company should allocate parts of the company to improve the overall performance of the company. That’s why the use of shared service centers plays a big role in making the above a reality.

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