Cunningan West Java Zip Code and others : HappyMod
Cunningan West Java Zip Code and others : HappyMod

Cunningan West Java Zip Code and others : HappyMod

List of West Java Postcodes of all cities and agencies


West Java is classified as a large province, where there are many large regency cities.


Especially now that it’s the era of online shopping, so requests to send goods are easier for people to access from distant areas. Later, it will be easier to find the recipient due to regional classification using the code number. So the zip codes of all other cities are fully available.


West Java Post code Bandung and surrounding areas


First we will discuss Bandung as the capital of West Java where it is known as the best city here. Bandung has a fairly close distance from Jakarta so is often used as a business partner. Meanwhile, the Bandung postcode for regency is 40111–40619 and 40191–40974 for the city.


Bandung is also still involved in the manufacturing area of various goods for human needs, which is why many online stores stand here. In addition, there is bekasi, where it is classified as a large area. Bekasi is known as one of the buffers for national activities because he is involved in the Jabodetabek area, so it is very important to remain stable.


 The postcode of West Java in the Bekasi region itself is 17111–17435 in the city and 17211–17730 in regency.


We turn to Bogor, which is known as a rainy city because it tends to have heavy rainfall. Bogore is equipped with 6 sub-districts with its own tourist attractions. Meanwhile, if you want to send goods here, you must use the code 16111–16169 in the city and 16110–16969 for the district.


The next major area is Depock, where in terms of the area it is really squeezed by Bogor and Jakarta, so it is quite a strategy. Even so, Bogor was classified as regency, but was then replaced again to be included as a city. If you want to send goods or letters, use 16411-16519 as a code.


Postcode of Western Java Province Area


Next we will turn to the postcode of western Java , especially the city area, one of which is Chimahi, named 40511–40535.


Another city is Sirebon, where the difference is compared to the code of West Java or other cities because it consists of regency and cities.


This is completely different from other regions such as Sukabumi that have a smaller area. If you want to send merchandise here, you need a separate code for the district, namely 43132-43368. Meanwhile, if delivery is in the city of Sukabumi, then you must only use from 43111–43169.


For the West Java postcode in the city itself, of course, it is not only one but very depending on the number of sub-counties.


In the area of the city, there is also Tasikmalaya, which is known for various tourist attractions such as the south coast, Lake Situ Gede to various types of waterfalls. If you want to send a package of goods by mail, then use 46153–46476 for the district, while if it is a city, then it must be at 46111–46416 only in delivery.


Provincial Districts Postcode


Then for the area of regency, first there is Caravang with code 41311–41386 which can be used when sending goods. Karawang itself is known as a place for different types of factories and businesses so many people outside the city decide to find their happiness there. It is even recommended by many people because employment is quite abundant.


This is different from Ciamis, which is better known for its food or culinary such as bethel nuts, banana sales, golossor noodles to beef jerky. Ciamis zip code is 46211–46388 and can be used in all sub-counties there. Keep in mind that all sub-districts in Chamis are different.


Third, there is Indramayu, Namely 45211–45285, it really has little in common with the Western Java brass zip code  .


Completely different from Garut, where it is known in the form of lamb or dodol lamb as the most common souvenir. Here, the district uses the number 44111–44193, if it wants to send a package to one of the subqualities in Garut. Currently, the service for delivering letters or goods there is distributed equally as other West Java cities.


Furthermore, cianjur with 43215–43292 as a zip code there and the same as other districts can be used by any sub-district. Canjur itself is known as one of the good recreation cities due to its many tourist attractions. For example, Little Venice, Giants Beach, Taman Bunga Nusantara to various types of waterfalls.


Cunningan West Java Zip Code and others


The blower itself is included in the Regency and can use the code 45511–45595 to deliver packages. This society is known for having a fairly good nature, especially when approaching the Gunning Chiremai area. You can find tours such as Telaga Biru, Churug Putrie, Telaga Nilem and many other tours.


  Indeed, there is a difference not too far away, but in fact Mayalengka still has its uniqueness.


The most unique thing is actually Purwakarta, which is 41111–41182 because it is almost the same if the original number or number is also one. Purvakarta is included as a city in West Java that has the most developed tourist development today. This can be proven when visiting the Hills of hidden valley, the village of Sajuta Batu or Churug Tilu.


It is more or less the same as Purwakarta, namely it has Subang with code 41211–41288. Subang itself is classified as an area with a unique nickname, namely a pineapple city. This is not directly related to the number of people who own gardens and sell pineapple. No wonder they also have a pineapple-shaped monument.


Finally, there is Sumedang, which is 45311–45393. Sumedang itself is actually known for its culinary products in the form of tofu, according to many people. Even so, that does not mean that there are no tourist attractions when visiting Sumedang. It even emerges that there are recreational places like Panengjoan Jatigede that proved to have gone viral some time ago.


In terms of number of numbers, there is no significant difference in all regions of Indonesia, Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and even Papua. But it must be noted that the wrong goods are not sent to one of the cities or counties. In addition, the codes of Western Java and other cities are often misrepresented.

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