Location Singer Service di Indonesia yang Easy to Find
Location Singer Service di Indonesia yang Easy to Find

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Singer service centers for some people are in great need. For those who like sewing activities, of course you really understand about sewing machine products for a long time, namely Singer. The Singer brand is actually a very famous sewing machine in Indonesia and is often chosen to get high-quality stitching.

Not only that, but it can also provide comfort and durability to make sewing and work easier for sewing machine owners to do their sewing and work.

Although there are many uses for Singer’s sewing machine products, it turns out that there are also complaints because the sewing machine is damaged. In fact, there are complaints that being damaged by a sewing machine is neither a negative nor a bad thing, since you must also look at the duration of use of the singer sewing machine.

Being one of the brands of very high quality sewing machines, it is not a mistake for Singer to offer various service centers in some areas of Indonesia. You can use it as needed.

The best sewing machine singer of all time

Before you get a good idea of where the Singer Service Center is located in Indonesia, you should know about this one quality sewing machine. That’s why Singer is  a famous sewing machine brand. Perhaps not many people know that this company came from the country of Uncle Sam America.

Officially founded in 1851, the brand became more famous and was used in several other countries. Even today, there are many famous tailors and small tailors who rely on Singer’s products.

The singer’s product will not disappoint its users. Due to the convenience and durability when using, seamstresses prefer to use good quality products.

Sewing is not something that can be done easily because the tailor tries to find comfort so that he can get the maximum results.

But that doesn’t stop singers’ products from getting into trouble. Of course, this sewing machine can also be damaged. Either improper use, lack of care, or other factors.

But the damage to Singer’s sewing machine doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.  In some areas, singer service centers are available.

There are also a lot of things that can be fixed , so you can sew it back comfortably.

Indonesian Singer Service Center Placed

In some major cities, there are actually centers for singer machine service. So you don’t have to worry.   It is advisable to contact a singer service center that will make you safer to make your sewing machine look much better and more comfortable.

In Indonesia itself, there are not many centers that justify singer sewing machines. If you find it and want to make your machine much better, you can contact two places. The location is in Surabaya and Tangerang regions.

If you are in Surabaya, please contact PT. Singer. More precisely, it is located in the South Tangerang region. The exact location is in Jalan WR Superman Siptat Timur, South Tangerang, Graha Marcella Shophouse Number 3, Tangerang. To check and get more information, you can call the number 021-73882484.

FOR THE LOCATION OF SURABAYA, YOU CAN CONTACT PT WIJAYA MAPAN ABADI. The exact location is located at 3-34 Manyar Keltsari in Surabaya city. Or call 0823-1847-8780. The venue accepted to justify the singer-branded sewing machine that had been damaged. So you can try to make a lot of profit by justifying the sewing machine on the fly.

Do you need to fix the brand’s sewing machine in its place? There are certainly many places to do sewing machine repairs. However, it is much better to do the service in its original place where the various tools needed to pump your machine are completely original.

There is a possibility that you can get many benefits and convenience to make the sewing machine safer.

What are the benefits of using the Singer Service Center?

There  are many benefits to using the Singer Service Center.  From this place you can get the convenience that makes the sewing machine more comfortable. Well, here are some of the benefits of using the original Singer Service Bin:

  1. First, you can feel that the service is the best. So, if you come to a sewing machine service center, there are many services that can be provided. Foods that can be made with a sewing machine with a long enough lifespan will be more comfortable when used. The best service provided by our employees will certainly make our clients and customers more comfortable.


  1. In addition, you can find a variety of original products to replace your sewing machine needs. For example, a sewing machine has several items that must be replaced because they can cause damage. Therefore, in the original place where you repair the sewing machine, there are several replacements of the same brand. This increases the durability of the sewing machine.


  1. In addition, you can also get a warranty when performing service. Usually, the warranty has enough time to justify the return of the sewing machine. If the service performed turns out to be not optimal, you can get a guarantee without having to pay it back.

What happens if I can’t find a Singer Service Center in my area?

What if I can’t find a Singer Service Center in the area near my house? In this case, you have two options:

First, you can contact one of the Singer Sewing Machine Service Centers mentioned above. Then what if you send a sewing machine from outside town to fix? Can the location of the service provide trust to all customers?

If the service center is willing to get customers from outside the city to repair the sewing machine, this can be done.  However, you  should know that if you do this method, there are many costs that you have to incur. Therefore, you need to prepare delivery funds and service funds. Needless to say, if it finishes later, you will have to send it back as well.

If this is too complicated to do,  try using a different service center. There may be many places to maintain sewing machines in affordable areas.

Indeed, the service is not as optimal as the original service center, and the various items of the sewing machine may be replaced with non-original ones. This training will help you avoid spending too much money to justify a sewing machine.

You can rely on a service center in your area to try to get convenience. However,  it  is much better to fix the sewing machine in its original place. There are so many quality of service that you can feel. So, you can get a lot of convenience and comfort when you reuse it.

Until this moment, I could only find two Singer Service Centers  to make my sewing machine comfortable. Hope one of the places can be use.

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