Samsung Service Center  Service is easy and free in the queue : Minecraft
Samsung Service Center  Service is easy and free in the queue : Minecraft

Samsung Service Center  Service is easy and free in the queue : Minecraft

Which Samsung Service Center Bali has been repaired?

Which Samsung Service Center Bali is solved?  You may also want to ask if you are a Samsung brand user living in Bali. Samsung does have many users spread all over the country, including in Bali.

Of course, Samsung electronic products sell well. Samsung is one of the brands that is able to know and know the needs of all its consumers. Knowing the customer’s needs is key toSams ung’s success around the world. No fixed factory, but Samsung also developed R&D in those areas.

Samsung is able to offer a plus in all its products, giving consumers convenience to meet their daily needs. In addition to being able to respond to consumer needs, Samsung also always prioritizes innovation not only in products, but also in their after-sales  services.

Samsung even built the most complete store and worked with local distributors. With this large store, of course, people can easily consult their electronic goods. This also applies in Bali, Samsung service center Bali which is repaired easy to find.

Samsung Service Center Bali Location

The location of Samsung’s service center in Bali, the first is at Jalan Mahendradata 99 X, West Denpasar. (0361) 484788. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 17:00.   Both on Sundays  and on red dates this place is closed. To make sure that the lid of the service center is open, you can call it first.

Another service center is located at Jalan Teuku Umar 122, West Denpasar (0361) 244410. The opening hours of this place are from 10:00 to 18:00, this service center is open every day. Samsung service center Bali which is set in the red date may have different opening and closing times, so please confirm your arrival first.

Unfortunately, the service center in Bali is only 2 of these places, the others are just shops that officially sell Samsung products. If your current place of residence is far from that location, you can do the service by first consulting online so that you can find out the damage to your mobile phone or electronic goods.

In addition to visiting the service center, you can actually also file a warranty claim or make a service through the store where you purchased the Samsung product. Usually the store helps to make a warranty claim, but of course you have to wait a while.

Conditions for samsung warranty applications

Samsung service center Bali which is being repaired makes it easier for you to file a warranty claim. The warranty applies if it is in accordance with the time period and terms owned by Samsung. However, the warranty guarantee does not apply if you do not complete the warranty card in full.

In addition, the serial number, as well as the model of the product that has been changed, cannot apply for a Samsung warranty either. If the Samsung Product suffers damage due to negligence, such as exposure to liquids, electrical current voltage and drops, the warranty cannot be claimed.

Before making a warranty claim, make sure that the damage that occurs. You can also ask questions in advance in the Samsung call center via social media or via live chat. In fact, what products can be repaired in the Bali service center.

The products that can be repaired in the service center are actually not limited to mobile phone products. You can also repair electronic goods products, such as washing machines, ovens, televisions, and various other electronic items. So that the products that can be repaired are not limited to mobile phones.

For product warranty service other than mobile phones also have the same provisions if not because of the fault of the user, in addition, the warranty card must also be in good condition and fully completed so that the service service can be properly followed up later.

Visual Support in addition to Samsung Call Center Services

If the location of samsung service center Bali what is being repaired is far away from where you are now, you can actually use Samsung’s visual support service. This visual support service is an innovation of a digital service that is deliberately provided by Samsung so that consumers feel more comfortable using the product.

By using visual support, consumers and users of Samsung electronic devices and TVs can enjoy remote guidance services with direct guidance from Samsung’s professional team. You can use this service to further optimize the electronic function of your household

So when the location of samsung service center Bali what is being repaired is far away from where you are now, this is not a problem. You can use this service every day for 24 hours. If you want to use visual support, all you have to do is contact the contact service directly.

With this service, consumers receive guidance according to the requested improvements. You can use this service by using your smartphone camera directly and holding consultations. Guidance will be given later based on the visual representation of the customer’s camera and Samsung’s team.

Visual support is a free service from Samsung, so you don’t want to worry about being charged when the repair is complete. This service can also reach all regions of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke.

Samsung Service Center  Service is easy and free in the queue

For millennials who don’t want to be complicated, it’s usually exhausting to do shifts or just go to a service center. Samsung seems to know this well, so it is constantly deploying a wide range of services that will help its loyal consumers.

In addition to visual support services, Samsung also has a free queuing service for its service. Samsung service center Bali which is repaired,  of course also has this service. So if you want to do service, you don’t have to spend any more time. Even this service is claimed to save valuable time for Samsung mobile phone users.

With this Book Appointments service, users can schedule repair times as desired. Samsung users can use this service using samsung member application. There is no more time to stand in line, you will be served directly by the service center.

If possible, Samsung will also prepare the necessary spare parts later based on the repair. Then consumers can go directly to the Samsung service center Bali which is improved based on the chosen time. This program is valid in several branches of the Samsung Service Center.

You can access this service on Samsung members on all Samsung phones in the Get Help section.   Youonly need to choose the desired location, the type of complaint and the time of arrival. Later, Samsung will confirm the arrival and initial diagnosis.

Samsung is also able to pamper consumers. With a variety of excellent products from Samsung and their excellent after-sales service. Of course, everyone wants to put their heart on Samsung. With its quality, there is no longer any doubt about the use of Samsung products, including samsung service center Bali which has been improved.

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