Sisepat Surabaya Proper service to provide your package
Sisepat Surabaya Proper service to provide your package

Sisepat Surabaya Proper service to provide your package: ILYASWEB

Sicepat Sarabaya is the right service for those who send packages. Apart from fast service, the cost is also cheap.  One of the companies engaged in the field of freight forwarding services, Cisepat has been present in the city of Surabaya for a long time. If you are a resident of Surabaya, you may already be using the Surabaya Fast Service when buying Meralwi Marketplace.

Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. The Silipat service is obviously already there, and several offices are also available in Surabaya. Focused on serving e-commerce customers, this freight forwarding service is relatively new. However, the quality of possession is so good that the sizerpat develops rapidly. At present, Silipat has become one of the calculated goods delivery services in Indonesia.

To increase the brand, Cissetat often becomes a sponsor of various important events. There are so many TV shows and influencers used by Siepat to improve their branding. Maybe you’ve also seen Ciscept ads on social media and TV quite often. With ubiquitous advertisements, Ciscept quickly gained popularity.

For those of you who are residents of Surabaya, you do not have to hesitate to use sicepat Sarabaya correct service as a choice of goods delivery service. Taking advantage of the speed of goods that KAMU quickly sends the can to the destination. There are so many high-speed services that can get goods to your destination quickly, e.g. Tomorrow to Destination (BEST).

In addition to the BEST service, there are more services from as soon as possible that can pamper your needs in sending goods. For example, SIUNTUNG is a fast and cheap delivery service at a normal price. Then there is H3LO or 3 km is a freight forwarding service of 3.3 km, but it is enough to pay 2 km. If you want to see the full list of Sicept Surabaya services, you can see it on the official Cicept website.

Why should you choose Sikeput Surabaya

When choosing a freight forwarding service, you need to be clear so as not to be careless to avoid unnecessary things at the time of shipment. Kamu needs to choose a fast and appropriate shipping service. One of them is that Cisepupas Rabaya is the perfect service for you. The quality of Sisepuat Surabaya Su Da does not need to be doubted.  Sicepat Sarabaya has several advantages over other goods delivery services.

Firstly, it is the fast and safe delivery of goods. Cisep Pat Surabaya can deliver goods in less than a day. Sicepat Surabaya also pays great attention to the safety of the bar ang, which is transmitted so that it is safe to arrive at the destination. Fast delivery time of goods is a characteristic of Chequepat kh.

Secondly, that is, cheap and fast services tend to be cheaper in price compared to other similar services. It is a relatively cheap price, but the quality of Cissepart is not inferior. Siepat still delivers goods to their destination on time. So you don’t have to worry when using Cisep Atlaslavaya.

If you want to shop from the market and pay by cash on delivery, sicepat Sarabaya is the perfect service for you . This is because Cicept already has a COD service. In addition to your arrival in Surabaya city, COD Ciseppat service also reaches Jabodetabek, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang. By paying by cash on delivery, you can verify that the goods arrive before you make the payment.

T-racking goods sent Mera l ui Sicept Suravaya

One of the most important things you want to know when using a shipping service is to know where the location of the goods has arrived. If you use the services of Cisep Atlaslavaya, you do not need to ring the til. Since Cisep Atlaslavaya has a proper service already has a tracking service of the goods delivered. So you can keep track of items that are shipping.

To track the goods, the method is very simple. The first way is to be able to use the website from sicepat. You can visit to do some tracking, just enter the receipt number to do the tracking. You can track multiple items at the same time. Simply enter each receipt number in the specified column.

In addition to going through the website, you can also use KLIK speed for tracking. Sicepat KLIK is a whatsapp bot service that supports sicepat services. In addition to quickly tracking your products, you can also click on them to do other things, such as checking the shipping cost. It is very easy to access this service. The trick is to simply type “SICEPAT” and send it to whatsApp number 0813-1920-0030 or click on the following link

List of Sizerpat Surabaya Office Addresses

Sicepat Sarabaya is the perfect service to send packages that already have several offices in Surabaya. If you would like to send your package via Cisepat please see the address of the Cisepat office below.

First, for those who are in western Surabaya, you can visit Skomanungal district of Surabaya city 60281, Simomulho, Jl. Kupang Jaya Indah No. 44 and Simomulyo.  The Ciseppat office in Jalank Panlaya is open from 09:00 to 14:00. If you would like to ask a question before you arrive, please call 0895-3275-87778.

Secondly, you can find sicepat ekspres Surabaya  p usat in Jalan Ngagel Jaya Sel. No.56, Ngaguerejo, Wonokromo District, Surabaya City 60283. You can contact sicepat express Surabaya pusat melalui phone number (031) 99448882. Business hours are 07: 00 ~ 22: 00. The office is located about 17 km from Juanda International Airport.

Thirdly, you can find a Surabaya speedy service suitable for package delivery at Jalangebenker Tajaya IX number 20. You can contact us via 5048426 l UI phone number (031). On the other hand, if you want to contact Mela l UI email, you can through

Fourthly, the Cissep’at office is also located at J alan Kenjeran No.270 in Lanka, Tambaksari District, Sulabaya City. If you would like to contact us first, please contact us at 0857-0787-2159. As we are in the midst of a pandemic, we can contact customer service in advance for holiday services. To see the addresses of all Cisepat Surabaya offices can be found on the official Sceptto website

Per Angan’s assessment of Cisseput Surabaya

One of the things that can be a quality of service rating is a rating or review from a customer.  There are  so many people who are using the right service to deliver packages to Siceptosurabaya. After using the services of Cicept Surabaya, there are not a few people who expressed their opinions on the Internet. Below is a summary of some reviews from several users of Sicepat Surabaya.

Many people say whether the services offered are already superior. In addition to the goods delivered on time, the waiters are also very good. However, some people complain that the delivery time is not in line with estimates. However, the percentage that gives a poor rating is very small. In terms of shipping goods, there may be obstacles that prevent the goods from arriving at their destination on time.

When using the sicapat service, you need to know the status conditions to ship goods via the fast UI. For example, CODA (Closed Once Delivery Attempt) means that paket has arrived at its destination, but no one has received it. It is very important to know the meaning of the delivery status. Therefore, you should research it before sending goods through ui sicepat Sarabaya the correct service for the delivery of your package.

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