Traditional styles and designs in residential homes : Capcus
Traditional styles and designs in residential homes : Capcus

Traditional styles and designs in residential homes : Capcus

West Java traditional mansion has     unique historic  accessories

If you see the architectural style  applied  to the paintings of  traditional West Java homes, it  certainly has a unique design.  It is fascinating to use as a community habitat  , and the design  has been  home-shaped since ancient  times.

The style of the house may have been adapted from an architecture and  modified     to become something new. Until now, the home style can still be adapted to enter full modern architecture.

But  are you familiar with all his traditional homes  in that  province ,   especially in the West , because of his unique characteristics in every tribe and region   ? You  can see the identity of the traditional Java   homes:  this type of local pride and  unique use of different  tastes.

We  want   to   fully discuss the  whole list to serve as a guide to   society  today;  if  you  can  understand and preserve culture  ,  the  existence of traditions  will surely  never disappear.  So let’s  follow the full  discussion to add insight to all people so that we  know  the  culture.

  The most complete list of  West Java traditional house names   

When you learn    about the existence of the house , which is a   legacy of  the  ancestors , there are many forms  for each area  . In  fact, it is not surprising that the   home’s existence is so significant and  easily accessible so far  .

The West Java provincial area is so close and so close to community culture  that it  is still very respectful.  Almost all,  including the design choice of traditional  Javanese homes, still adhere  to traditional    buildings as homes.   In some forms, there are several names that have been embedded in residences.

It  includes the imma rhinoceros Heeo, Julen Negapat, the Kumaribat Boat  , Jolopong and the  Dog .  Each name fits the expressions of the animals and  has its own meaning in accordance with the design .  Photographs from traditional homes in West Java      This difference is easier to detect because it can be recognized.

In addition to the five traditional West  Javan  homes, there are other older models—only in some places  if you want to find a type of home.  The residence  asked includes emir city coats, imakatsuhan, and song ray names.

In the community, this kind of practice is still being  pursued as much as possible  at the level  of  residential development, especially in rural areas The   reason is that some   of  the names of his houses would like to be found  in certain areas, according to  their customs.

Traditional styles and designs in residential homes

After learning  about the name of the traditional West Java home   , now is  the  time to understand the design in detail.   This  discussion will begin with the existence   of  the  rhinoceros, which you still see frequently.

Knowing  the shape of the rhino’s house is very simple  because it is made of wood and bamboo           , and choosing basic building materials also means that the owner can take care of his family,  since the foundation has no direct contact with the ground.  Adek Hoyer   owns  high  rise housing  .

The house is shaped like a bird  , so  this house  has a rather   unusual shape. In the picture, the Julen bird is flying and mountainous The wings are being applauded in the form  of a  V,  using a  timber panel for various angles for  the accessory and  designed to have legs on the foundation.

Another unique feature  of the  West Javan  traditional home is  the  Cumulat boat   ,  shaped like a  converted triangle;  the distinctive shape of the house can be used at the same time in the east and west side.   As a consequence  , this  residence is very much in accordance with the householder’s needs.

The Imah Togog dog has a two-layered  roof in  the shape of a triangle and a foundation of  its legs .   Imma Jolopon visits the SanDain Territory  Jolopon is one of the only houses that combines the foundation  directly  because it is relatively  modern  .

The characteristics of every Sundanse cultural home design

Each residence must have some characteristics  and philosophies when detailing  the  structures of the buildings .  The  uniqueness of the traditional Home  of Venezuela  must be known in detail as a  tradition left to the   ancestors. so at least on that philosophy  Before building, you must  at least  understand  it for purpose and purpose.

In close connection with its name , the meaning of the rhinoceros  means rhinoceros , which evaporates into the whole form . It  is  suggested to the front of the roof . The shape  may be seen as a philosophy from the ancestors;  the  existence of such a philosophy means that  the Sandanese community is very much  with their  visitors  It will show that there is intimacy   .

There is a characteristic that   residents of Imajulan Angapark have a wise nature in solving all matters.  In many cases, the owner seems  to have the ability to mediate  a matter; the shape of the stage  on the design  is the philosophy  of people living between the earth and the sky  .

At least there are Kumarat  boats after learning that traditional   West German homes are names like names.  Because  of its  triangular shape,   this house is often considered unique and adaptable by the community   .

There is an  open mind to guests to hold a variety of meetings   . The shape of a  dog similar to a sitting  dog    Because of its simplicity , the Imah togog dog is often combined with the least     modern  lifestyle  design  .

History of ancestors linked to Senden architecture

It  is truly interesting  to  discuss  the existence of a variety of residential patterns  in West Java  , because the types of houses are  very different and have their  own meaning   for family living; they must be willing to  apply ancient  architecture  so that it can be a comfortable home.

When we understand that the traditional West Javan home has a wide variety of names   , we really invite  curiosity; past  residential models  can become a  tradition, so  they have a historically high price;  each house has a very thick meaning in the value of everyday life.

Many of the roles and activities of the house  depend on the type to adapt to the needs of the  locals  , and the ruins  of the past  are still closely  related to the  customs  of the ancient kingdom;  the shape of the  house,  which was still in power during the reign It remains the same, and  almost every resident remains the same.

If you look at it in detail, the average foundation gives legs to every    corner  without hitting the  ground.  This kind of thing    certainly has a valuable  history  of thinking in  culture and  tradition.

Over time,  this kind of inhabitant tradition is sustainable and must not disappear; most modern societies have  the  design of indigenous homes  Efforts are being made to  adapt  the  wild to the  new existing model  , in this way, the most comprehensive existence of the West Javanese housing  must continue  until any time  .

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