Using social media to improve services : YoutubeMp3
Using social media to improve services : YoutubeMp3

Using social media to improve services : YoutubeMp3

Duke Kapil’s 24-hour call center ready to overcome community needs

One of the innovation forms of digital technology development is the purchase of a 24-hour Duke Kapil call center, although relatively new, the service  is  very useful in identifying the problems  of people’s populations given that now the needs and practicality of urban demands are the demands of the public waiting in long lines is considered something old.

On the other hand, the government wants population information as well as various socialities and services easily enjoyed by its citizens. Using  various conveniences in technology and information networks, an official online-based service  was eventually formed, this could be through call centers, popular representatives, or mainstream social media.

By creating a variety of different 24-hour dukcapil  call center  services ranging from direct in-office services to online services,  it is hoped that various community problems can be identified immediately and solutions are sought  . . . given the importance of this demographic data  for the various needs of development programs and providing legal protection for  their citizens.

Importance of population data and civil records

Under Law No. 24 of 2013, every Indonesian citizen is required to report various major events for recording. Especially population-related events such as the transfer or change of address, birth, death, marriage or divorce, and even in the case of child data.

The data is not only recorded, but will also be processed and used for the various purposes of development programs and legal protection for its citizens. For example, in this pandemic situation, that requires validation of this data before it can finally be tested for eligibility to receive assistance programs.

In addition, by providing the 24-hour  service of  the Duke Kapil Call Center, it is hoped that it will be able to ensure the realization of everyone’s human rights, particularly related to the administration of their population, so that there is no discrimination or residents who are left behind or out of the program, for example the right to participate in the political sphere during the election.

In addition,  duke kapil’s 24-hour call center easement allows people to be more aware of their obligations as part of Indonesia’s citizens to report and record major events  , especially if the process is easy and does not interfere in their affairs.

The purpose of civic registration for the community

For people, perhaps the data on the date of birth, the date of marriage, the number of children, life and the like doesn’t make significant sense. But for a country, it has huge benefits. Especially for Indonesia as one of the countries of law, the certainty and validity of identity must be expressed in law.

Therefore, people if they have registered different data  – their population data means that they are recognized by the government for the truth of their information  so that if there is abuse or  various related  problems, legal protection can be given as well as the right to receive a variety  of  public services  provided some public services require having valid residency information.

In addition, by providing accurate, fast and up-to-date data, it is expected to be able to provide data for various applications and related segment planning. Whether in government activities, in development, or in community activities. So each application can be distributed optimally and on purpose.

Duke Kapil’s 24-hour call center  service is  a kind of ease of communication between the government and its people, hoping to accelerate the achievement of various civic registration goals, in addition, given that the problems in this area are increasingly complex and varied, the medium is also able to provide a means of identification and aspiration.

Various services provided by   Duke Kapil

In general, the services provided by the dukcapil  call center  relate to various problems with population data. According to General Manager Duke Kapil, early in October 2020, 6 important documents in their handling were prioritized, KK, KTP documents, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and certificates of movement.

Essentially, however, population data includes recording and reporting biodiesta through  duke kapil’s 24-hour call center related to major events  , including various things such as location, address, place of birth, issuance of national identity number (NIK) and various other things, so that every citizen really has legal protection and recognition.    

Currently, based on laws and recommendations relating to the government, these services must be carried out quickly, carefully and seamlessly. So the process of validating and collecting data can be implemented in real time. So that archives or when required in application preparation are no longer concerned about miscalculations.

In addition to serving these various problems, Duke Kapil’s 24-hour  call center  also offers validation or re-examination services, such as whether NIK is registered with government services, or when you want to find data information through online media when you forget to bring the file in question.

Online-based services as a solution

The population of more than 200 million people in total certainly has different obstacles and complaints every day. Especially during an epidemic like this, it is highly recommended to avoid populations, especially in public places. Including managing different population needs such as identity cards or various other letters.

Online is a solution to these different needs, from receiving complaints or problems. Therefore, there are various problems with experience in this area. As well as providing various recommendations relating to solving these problems. Whether to contact the sub-section of the area or whether it will go through certain channels according to the type of obstacle.

There are various online outlets to fulfill dukcapil’s 24-hour  call center.  Some of them use phone services via 1500-537 to communicate directly with the Dukcapil Center. Emails and websites were also created to help provide a variety of additional information in addition, it is also popular with readers.

This is to use WhatsApp services, given that most of the population uses WhatsApp as a public communications medium. One form of service is in the form of NIK checks, by sending the format Cek#KTP#NIK and then sending it at 0815-3636-9999, it will get a response according to your complaint. These different options make it easier for residents to take advantage of this service feature.

Using social media to improve services

It is understood that society, especially young people, is very active through social media. Whether it’s for expressing, playing, gathering with the community, or looking for different up-to-date information. This situation provides an opportunity for Duke Kapil de Alam to  innovate Duke Kapil’s call  center service for  24 hours, which is to capture aspirations through social media, especially targeting young people.

There are two social media uses, namely Facebook and Twitter. Not only passively receiving incoming reports, but also providing content in the form of updating various and informative information and tips about the population. Therefore, it is hoped that social network users will get used to it and understand the importance of civic registration.

The existence of various online services for Duke  Kapil call centers is expected to meet the state government’s expectations, even though it should one day be in different areas, and we hope that you can provide a quick response service to your needs, not only to the limits of complaints but also to disability.

Currently, population and civil registration problems are expected to be identified and resolved immediately. It requires awareness and active community participation in its realization. One of the types of government facilities in the filing is to provide a 24-hour dukcapil call center service  through various online media .

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