Why is it rainy season but hot temperatures? : ChordLirikLagu
Why is it rainy season but hot temperatures? : ChordLirikLagu

Why is it rainy season but hot temperatures? : ChordLirikLagu

The climate of Bekasi City in West Java is extreme because of this


So far, the weather in Bekasi, West Java, has entered one of indonesia’s hottest cities, for a variety of reasons.  As many people already know, Bekasi City is one of the many regions in West Java. This city is certainlypart of metropoli t a jabodetabek.


In fact, the region  is also a satellite city with  the highest number of Pendu Duks in Indonesia.  There are many things you need to know  about this city. Bekasi Regency is the most important area that can support the capital.   So it’s not strange that many city dwellers choose this area.


Many city dwellers choose it as a place to live. Bekasi, which accounts for more than half of the area, is an area that can be said to be urban effective. Approximately 4% became industrial areas, 90% as housing, 3% as services for trade, and the rest used other buildings.


In the district itself, this industry is the largest industry in Southeast Asia. About 4,000 enterprises originating from different countries in number. It is not strange if this city is a support for the national economy. There are many well-known industries in the region.


So far, the sector that supports this capital has a huge opportunity for many investors to invest in. Although industrial GE is full of cow dung,  there are many people who can invest in this sector. It’s not strange if the temperatures in Bekasi are also hot.


The temperature during the day is likely to rise.


This area of the metropolis usually enters the climate of the tropical season. The humidity levels themselves are very high, ranging from 24 to 33 degrees Celsius. But often the weather in the city of Bekasi in West Java is warmer than usual. Many regions of Indonesia have experienced it.


Due to the position of the Sun in the north of  the equatorial Aris, the temperature  reaches up to 35 degrees Celsius. The movement of the Sun is further northward. This usually occurs in April. Also, due to fairly hot temperatures, the weather becomes brighter and cloudier.


Moreover,  there is another reason that causes  the climate in Bekasi West Java to be  quite an oaktram, because the clouds that cover it are so small that it is sunny. It allows it to get more sunlight from the Earth. Because, there is no cloud to interrupt him.


That’s why temperatures in Bekasi and many other areas of Indonesia are warming up. Because the surface temperature is increasing.   Since it is bright, there are not many clouds in the air because there is not much steam in the air. So the air becomes relatively dry. That’s why the temperature is so hot.


Often this extreme weather occurs because it is still in a transitional period.  From the rainy season to the dry season. So some areas are still experiencing harsh weather conditions.  The possibility of this weather is due to heavy rains during the day or evening, until there is a hailstorm accompanied by strong winds.


Bekasi nights are cold


Bekasi SerTa Jakarta is certainly known for its warmer temperatures. This happens regardless of whether it is night or day. However, there are times when  the weather in Bekasi, West Java, also turns cold at night.  Especially during the dry season, bekasi often cools down when it’s nightfall.


This phenomenon is certainly not irrational. Because during the dry season, there are definitely a few clouds in the sky and it has become one of the most common features when it comes to the dry season.  When the air is warmer during the day, the minimum temperature in the area is also low.


These low temperatures often occur early in the morning. At the same time, temperatures will rise slowly along with the sun’s rays.  It’s not strange if  the weather in the city of Bekasi in West Java is erratic in the morning and evening.  If you live in and around the Bekasi area, you must be accustomed to it.


While many people do not know the cause, of course if the air temperature during the day is high enough, it is possible that the night temperature is also low. Air humidity increases to 90 percent. So the air is quite cold at night. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself when the temperature changes.


Why is it rainy season but hot temperatures?


Although the rainy season has entered, it is often the climate in Bekasi, West Java , which is still very hot. It is certainly not only the areas that support the capital city, but many regions of Indonesia have experienced it.  Even if it rains, it is often heavy by the wind.


There are several reasons why air temperatures warm up  even if it rains during the rainy season. One of them,  most of the area, is because temperatures rise. In November, the pseudo-movement of the sun is certainly above the island of Java itself.


The position of the sun’s pseudo-motion over the island of Java itself  occurs twice over a one-year period, i.e. November and April.  So the peak of  hot  temperatures occurs in that month.   The hot  air during the day is definitely due to the pseudo-movement of the sun.


Moreover,  it is due to the weather conditions in Bekasi City in West Java.  This sunny climate  exposes sunlight as directly as possible  to the surfaces. So it’s not strange that the earth is hot.  In fact, many people say that Indonesia is actually hot during the rainy season.


Poor air quality in Bekasi


Warmer temperatures are also seen not only in West Java, but also in almost all places in Indonesia. Even in some areas, the temperature is as high as 40 degrees Celsius. This weather, which can be said to be extreme, usually occurs because the daily pseudo-motion of the Sun is moving towards the southern hemisphere.


Because, the weather in the city of Bekasi in West Java also makes many people like to do activities from home. Of course everyone  wants to have a cool home, including you, doesn’t it?  There are many things you can do to cool the air temperature.


However, in Bekasi, the air quality is very poor, and there is a BA hakken in the unhealthy GKa category compared to Jakarta,  which is more than double the same.   Many say that the reason for the hot climate in Bekasi is the large number of industrial activities in it.


But that’s not the only reason it turns out to be. You should be aware, the hot weather in Bekasi is also due to many things. In fact, one of them is due to the existence of the industry. Also there is pollution from transportation, which causes the air to become more unhealthy. Even the construction of toll roads results   in poor temperature quality .


However, the government is also doing a lot to make the temperature even better. It’s like planting saplings with the community.   To keep the air cool and healthy.   In fact, the climate in Bekasi City, West Java, is quite oaktram, especially during the transition season.

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